SNAQ | Heathrow

Publications and other outputs

Journal articles

The use of electrochemical sensors for monitoring urban air quality in low-cost, high-density networks. Mead et al, 2013, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 70, May 2013, pp186-203 [Journal Article] [Open Access pre-print]

Conference posters

A portable low-cost high density sensor network for air quality at London Heathrow airport Popoola et al, EGU General Assembly 2013, held 7-12 April in Vienna, Austria.

High-density, high-resolution, low-cost air quality sensor networks for urban air monitoring. The SNAQ Heathrow project. Mead et al, AGU Fall meeting, held 3-7 December in San Francisco, US.

Low cost sensor networks for measuring urban air quality Mead et al, IGAC, held 17-21 September 2012 in Beijing, China.